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Elevate your products with our branded ingredients

ECA exclusively provides top-tier sports nutrition products to assist athletes and fitness enthusiasts in maximizing their health and performance. Our focus is on delivering high-end solutions that enable athletes to achieve their full potential.

Muscled man iCreatine™ Instant Creatine Mono

iCreatine™ Instant Creatine Mono


AgmaX® Natural Origin Agmatine


AQUAmino® Lecithin-Free Veg. IBCAA


PureKIC® Natural & Foul-Odor Free

PureHMB™ Ultrapure HMB Calcium

PureHMB™ Ultrapure HMB Calcium

Aquoat instant oat powder sugar free

AquOat® Instant Oat Powder


SusCarb® Dextrin - Sustainable Carbohydrate


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