Since 2007, many changes have taken place. We are aware of the significance of maintaining a forward-thinking mindset and taking the initiative to steer the development of natural health to continue meeting the demands of our customers for natural health solutions. Our company’s shared Vision, Mission, and Values serve as the guiding principles that ensure we continue to exceed the expectations of all stakeholders. These stakeholders include our valued employees, ingredient suppliers, retail and wholesale partners, and, most importantly, ECA Healthcare Inc. consumers and society at large who trust us to assist them in improving their health and wellness.

Our Priorities

ECA works to advance sustainability and help communities prosper. We will continue to be vitally important in developing and supplying innovative & natural healthcare ingredients. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. We’ve been an industry leader in this essential area of focus for over a decade.


Land & Water


Our Bigger Picture

We make decisions based on ethical leadership, accountability, and environmental stewardship across our value chain. Our team has further refined our focus areas to ensure we bring sustainable solutions everywhere we have a presence and where we can positively effect change through our operations and our place as a leader in our industry.