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    Premium Phospholipids

    ECA is dedicated to the R&D and commercial production of cutting-edge innovative and natural ingredients.

    CoEnzymes & Vitamins

    ECA produces high quality Natural Vitamin E and derivatives with Non-GMO, IP certification for both pharmaceutical and nutraceutical use.

    Herbs & Organics

    ECA supplies only natural Antioxidants with extremely high potency in protecting cell and balancing the function of human body.

    Aminos & Specialties

    ECA supplies only high-end Sports Nutrition in helping athletes largely optimize their health and performance.

    Innovative Solutions

    ECA applies it’s unique SC-CO2 extraction process to produce 100% solvent free lecithin and derivatives with Non-GMO, IP certification for both pharmaceutical and nutraceutical use.

    Premixes & Formulations

    Owing to the advanced patent proprietary technology, ECA’s proud to introduce the next generation natural of phospholipids source — Marine Phospholipids, which is a category of structurally bonded new phospholipids linked to marine Omega-3 fatty acids, Choline, L-Serine and Phytosterols.

      ECA Healthcare Inc.

      ECA is a fast-growing company in the development and supply of innovative & natural healthcare ingredients. Through a continuing flow of new and inventive developments, at ECA we are committed to advancing personal health & well-being, and delivering the needs of our consumers. Our R&D laboratories are at the sharp edge of innovation, and are fully engaged in the development of reliable products for better health and personal care.

      ECA has been skilled to bring the very best of natural innovation into the market and to bring professional healthcare solutions right to the consumers…

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      February, 2019

      New product launched – Natural Origin & Foul-odor Free PureKIC® KIC Calcium

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