Aquoat™ Instant Oat Powder

Aquoat™ Instant Oat Powder

AquOat™ Instant Oat Powder is one of the plant-based series products of Zymebase Inc., optimally derived from globally selected high-quality oat. It’s produced under FSSC22000 & FSVP certified facilities with a proprietary green biotechnology.

AquOat™ is made of 100% natural oatmeal and retains the original rich nutrients of oats, such as dietary fibers like β-glucan, etc. It has all the health benefits of oatmeal but in a flavor-enhanced form for a solid drink and beverage application.

AquOat™ series:
Sugar-Free Edition, contains less than 0.5% sugar (in 10%(w/w) Oatmilk)
• OAT001, Conventional;
• OAT011, Organic;
• OAT021, gluten free;
• OAT031, Organic & Gluten Free

Barista Edition, contains less than 1% Sugar (in 10%(w/w) Oatmilk);
• OAT002, Conventional;
• OAT012, Organic;
• OAT022, gluten free;
• OAT032, Organic & Gluten Free

Why AquOat™ Instant Oat Powder?
• 100% OAT derived;
• Excellent dispersibility in cold & warm water;
• Smooth with intrinsic oat creamy taste;
• NO artificial flavors, NO sweeteners, NO colorants;
• Sugar-free and froths easily.

Nutritional Facts