P5Pure™, Solvents Free

P5Pure™, Solvents Free

P5Pure™, Solvents Free

Pyrroloquinoline Quinone Disodium Salt

Pyrroloquinoline quinone, also known as PQQ, is a novel factor in various foods. In humans, the benefits reported from PQQ supplementation range from improvements in cognitive function to an overall reduction in internal inflammation. Recently published research also suggests that taking a PQQ supplement can stimulate mitochondrial function (the primary energy source in cells) and protect from excessive oxidative damage, a major cause of rapid cell aging.

Like many vitamins and regulatory factors, PQQ was first recognized as a cofactor (a component essential to enzyme action) in bacteria. It has also been examined as a potent plant growth factor. PQQ acts similarly to resveratrol or quercetin (food biofactors) in humans and animals. It is a mimic-signaling molecule vital to sustaining cellular functions and mitochondrial action.

Available form:
99% pure powder,1% SD powder

Main bioactivities:
+ An overall improvement in energy levels
+ Improved cognitive function and memory
+ Reduction in mitochondrial degradation
+ Increased skin elasticity
+ Neuro-protectant
+ Cardio-protectant
+ Enhanced nerve growth

Suggested use: 10-20mg daily

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