About Us




ECA Healthcare Inc.

ECA Healthcare Inc. is a fast-growing company developing and supplying innovative & natural healthcare ingredients. Through a continuing flow of new and inventive developments, at ECA, we are committed to advancing personal health & well-being and delivering the needs of our consumers.

Our R&D laboratories are at the sharp edge of innovation and are fully engaged in developing reliable products for better health and personal care. ECA Healthcare Inc. has been skilled in bringing the best natural innovation into the market and bringing professional healthcare solutions right to the consumers.

Trusted for superior quality and reliability, our brands are becoming more popular globally, such as E-TPGS® and Vitafenol®. The continuous focus and strictness on QA & QC have earned ECA a rich experience in extracting, synthesizing, and formulating. Our GMP & cGMP bases are capable of top-grade ingredients for enzymatic synthesis and extraction. Our NSF GMP base can meet the high demands of dietary supplements (tablets, hard & soft capsules, and premixes).

ZymeBase Inc.  (renowned for  instant oat powder and SusCarb™) is our sister company that offers nutritious plant-based ingredients for PBDA (Plant-Based Dairy Alternatives) and PBF (Plant-based Foods)

Our vision is to shape the future with innovation that empowers consumers to manage their well-being. We research, develop, collaborate, and deliver to bring you our vision.